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Transfer Application Now Available for the 2020-2021 school year! Only available for students entering sophomore year.

Application Window 1: January 15-March 13 (students will be notified if they are accepted to ALA by April 15th)

Application Window 2: March 14-May 15 (students will be notified if they are accepted to ALA by June 15th)

Our Checklist

  • Transcripts (8-9)
  • Attendance (8-9)
  • Portfolio of work (all 5 core classes) 
  • Place for them to explain low grades and low attendance 
  • MCAS scores or SSAT/ISEE (if they have it available) 
  • Personal info
  • Personal statement 
    • Sample: Why you are transferring; what you have learned about yourself at your current institution; or a description of an experience at your current institution that has changed your viewpoint
  • Discipline Record
  • Extracurricular
  • Teacher Recs 9th grade STEM and Humanities 
  • Current school info include admin name and information 

Application, Essay Questions and Recommendations


Please bring the completed application to Abbott Lawrence Academy.