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Academic Work and Grading Policy :

By now, you may have noticed that Term 4 has been eliminated and the new Grade Calculations are as such:

For year-long classes: T1 = 35%   T2 = 35%   Mid-Term Exam = 10%   T3=20%   No Final Exams

Semester 1 half-year courses would be counted as normal:  T1= 40%  T2=40%  FE=20%

Semester 2 half-year courses: T3 will count 100%


In order to provide you opportunities to bring up your GPA, finish the year successfully and make up absences, Teachers will be posting RECOVERY ASSIGNMENTS for you to complete past work that addresses standards and/or content from Terms 1 and 2. ALA Students will be provided the opportunity to work with their teachers to improve their grade from T1, T2 with an emphasis on deepening understanding, improving academic achievement, and earning credits toward graduation.


These RECOVERY ASSIGNMENTS are posted in Google Classroom or Edmodo, and you can find them there and submit for a higher grade.

For example, if you earn 8 points on a recovery assignment, you could possibly add up to 8 points to your overall term grade. Feel free to also reach out to your teachers for questions.

Additionally, starting on Monday, May 11th, Teachers will begin new content particularly the content that you will need to ensure a successful start to next year. Teachers will be outlining in their assignments the connections these assignments and new learnings have to the course(s) in your fall classes also on their Google classroom and Edmodo pages.  While you will not see a grade in PowerSchool for this work, failure to do these assignments will impact your knowledge and ability to perform in the fall. For example, if you do not do your US History work now, Government and Politics will be even more challenging for you. Think big picture…you do not want learning loss to be the reason you struggle as a junior. Stay active, stay engaged and keep your mind fresh.

Also, any work that you have completed during the closure and/or as part of these new assignments next week and for the remainder of the year, you will receive credit points added onto your Term 3 grade! We want to acknowledge those of you who are doing the assignments and provide you opportunities to bring up your Term 3 grade.

Lastly, any student who is not passing any of their graduation requirement classes can be moved to Virtual Summer School in order to be promoted to Junior year. If you have questions, please reach out to Ms. Ciprich or Mr.Cruz.

Seniors last day of classes are Friday, May 29th. Please reach out to your counselor for questions on graduation status.

UPDATE 4/3/2020


While you are home and staying safe, we are home working together to ensure your learning continues! 

Most importantly we miss you all!

Beginning Monday, April 6th, through the remainder of the closure, all ALA teachers will be available 9am-12pm to assist you with any assignments. Please be sure to check your emails, Google Classroom and Edmodo pages for more information and guidance.
Starting Monday a link will also be available here.
Term 3 has been extended. All work from January 27-March 13 will count in PowerSchool. 
Please contact your teachers with specific questions or concerns, we want to ensure your success!
Additionally, we want to make sure you are practicing self-care! Here are some resources from the ALA teachers to help you in these ever-changing times while we are apart from one another:
Please continue to check your emails and this page for updates and ALWAYS remember:
Through Hard work, determination and citizenship, you will achieve your greatest potential. Keep Running, ALA and Let’s Go Lancers!
Be safe and well…we are STRONG!