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When can I apply?

When can I apply? Applications will be posted October 5th! Applications can be retrieved from your middle school guidance counselor and/or principal. Applications can also be downloaded Here.


When are applications due?

January 2021! All components of the application must be submitted to Lawrence High School Campus by this date. The application and recommendation form may be submitted electronically to: All other components must be submitted in person or by mail.

When will I find out if I have been accepted?

Acceptance letters will be mailed out in March. All students accepted to Abbott Lawrence Academy will be invited to a Welcome Orientation in March, located at the Lawrence High School Campus.

All applicants must take the ISEE exam. How do I register for that?

Students who attend a Lawrence Public School are automatically enrolled to test on Saturday, November 5, with receipt of the “Blue Ticket” returned to their counselor. The exam begins at 8:30am and is approximately three hours long. You can find an online study guide at or through your guidance counselor. The test is free for LPS students with the “Blue Ticket” form distributed to students’ at their middle schools.

What if I do not attend a Lawrence Public School? When do I take the ISEE?

If you do not go currently to Lawrence Public Schools, you will still go through the same application process. You will take the ISEE on Saturday, November 19. Non-LPS students must apply online at The registration fee is $105. The test begins at 8:30am as well.