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Application acceptances will be announced March 1st!

The reception for accepted students will be on March 11th from 5pm – 7pm, more details to come!

The Process

Application Checklist

• Completed Online Application & Essay

• (Counselor) Grade 6 Attendance and Grades

• (Counselor) Grade 7 Attendance and Grades until March 13th, 2020

• (Counselor) Grade 8 Attendance and Grades until January, 2021

• STEM and Humanities Teacher Recommendations – Teachers will receive these forms from us once you provide their email addresses on the application.

• ALA Entrance Exam in person

Short Answer and Essay

Short Answer – There will be space provided on the application for your answers.

1) Abbott Lawrence Academy provides a highly rigorous and rewarding education at no cost to students. So much of what we consider “character” emanates from our prioritization of values. What do you value most, and why?

2) What sports and/or extracurricular programs are you involved in? List these programs and briefly describe what role or leadership position you played in each activity.

3) What specifically excites you about attending Abbott Lawrence Academy?

4) What strengths do you have that will help you succeed at this school?

5) What areas of growth would you like to work on in order to be successful in high school?

Essay – Please complete your essay on a separate word document to upload onto your application.

Please choose one (1) of the following essays to answer. Responses should be no longer than one typed page. All questions relate to the core values of Abbott Lawrence Academy.

Question 1Hard work: In just a few short years, you will be attending a four-year college or university. What are your goals and plans for after high school? What do you need to do in high school in order to achieve these goals? What challenges might you face, and how will you overcome these obstacles?

Question 2 Determination: You, like all ambitious people, will fail occasionally. However, what you do to recover and the lessons you learn along the way are what lead to success. Please describe a time in your life where you failed, how you overcame that failure, the lessons you learned, and how you use those lessons to be successful today.

Question 3Citizenship: ALA students value community. In addition to helping others at school, ALA students work to help better the city of Lawrence. Why are you proud of the city of Lawrence? Please describe what types of community involvement and service you have participated in and how you see yourself contributing to the future of Lawrence.