We are thrilled that you are interested in learning more about Abbott Lawrence Academy. The best way to get to know us is to visit our school, situated in the Library at LHS. We offers students in Lawrence an opportunity previously unavailable to most: the chance to experience a rich and rewarding honors education in the tradition of the most prestigious independent schools in the country, free of charge. ALA provides equal opportunity to all students in the city, leveling the playing fields for Lawrence students who want to accelerate their learning. ALA promises a first-of-its-kind experience: the personalization of an accelerated academic program combined with access to the robust enrichment programs available to LHS. The result is a school that challenges its students every day and ultimately prepares them for admission to the nation’s most competitive colleges and universities.


Abbott Lawrence Academy prospective students undergo a rigorous vetting process in the spirit of private school and college/university applications. Our admissions process considers the following aspects within the context of our holistic review and selection:

• ALA Entrance Exam in person

• Short Answer and Essay Questions

• Transcript Review from Grades 6-8

• STEM and Humanities Teacher Recommendations


Submit your application materials by the deadline listed on our Application page.


We ask for Humanities and STEM teacher recommendations.

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Please make sure you have ALL the documents before submitting your applications.